Damned Pages all-time top selling artists (names in red are clickable)

1. Praesepe (Poland), atmospheric black metal
2. My Dying Bride (United Kingdom), doom metal)
3. Autopsy (USA), death metal
4. Rotting Christ (Greece), black metal / melodic black metal
5. Septicflesh (Greece), death metal
6. Darkthrone (Norway), black metal
7. Summoning (Austria), symphonic black metal
8. Carcass (United Kingdom), goregrind / death metal
9. Morbid Angel (USA), death metal
10. Inquisition (Colombia), black metal

11. Mayhem (Norway), black metal
12. Atheist (USA), technical death metal
13. Deeds of Flesh (USA), brutal death metal
14. Bolt Thrower (United Kingdom), death metal
15. Eternal Deformity (Poland), doom metal
16. Watain (Sweden), black metal
17. Candlemass (Sweden), doom metal
18. Avulsed (Spain), death metal
19. Napalm Death (United Kingdom), grindcore
20. Manilla Road (USA), heavy metal

21. Nile (USA), death metal
22. Dying Fetus (USA), brutal death / grind
23. Parricide (Poland), grindcore
24. Vader (Poland), death metal
25. Iscariota (Poland), melodic death metal / heavy metal
26. Enslaved (Norway), progressive viking metal
27. Incantation (USA), death metal
28. Behemoth (Poland), black metal
29. Entombed (Sweden), death metal
30. Gorguts (Canada), death metal

List will be updated, if something changes… Last update: 25 May 2023