A loyalty program for our customers. Spend money --> get points --> get a discount coupon.

1 PLN spent on products in our distro = 1 point.
200 points = customer receives a coupon allowing to buy with a 10% discount.

How it works:
1. Points will be added only for money spent on products, not on shipping costs (for example: buyer orders a product for a price 30 PLN + shipping costs 15 PLN = buyer will get 30 points).
1.1. Points will be added for really spent money – discounts are not included (for example: buyer places an order for 100 PLN and uses a discount coupon = real amount spent is 90 PLN, so the buyer will get 90 points).
1.2. Lucky buyers, who place (and pay) order with number of full hunderd (e.g. 500, 600, 700 etc.) will get extra points equal to 1% of order number: for order nr 500 buyer will get additional 5 points, for order nr 600 buyer will get additional 6 points, etc.
1.3. When reaching 200 points the user will receive a discount coupon.
2. Points will be added, only when the payment for the order is successfully completed.
2.1. When user asks for refund, the points will be deducted.
3. Points given to registered users will not have date of expiry.
4. Points given to unregistered users will expire after 3 months since being added (due to GDPR). However, if the same user places (and pays for) another order within 3 months period, the validity of given points will be extended for another 3 months (for example: on 1st December user got 50 points – valid till 1st February; but on 1st January the same user got another 50 points – he’s got now 100 points valid till 1st April).
5. The buyer will get a notification about the number of added points and the total amount of them.
6. After getting a discount coupon the buyer will have 12 months for using it.
7. Each coupon can be used only once.
8. Coupons can’t be used to products being on sale.
9. Coupons can’t be used in conjunction with other coupons: one coupon = on discount.
10. Referral program. Only registered users may participate. After logging into the site, please scroll down the screen to the bottom of the site (to the footer) and find “get your referral link”. Click on it and then paste it to e-mail or post in social media. If some other user clicks your referral link, registers and places an order, you will get 10 points.