1. The webstore is owned by company named Damned Pages Distro & Promotion Paweł Oramus, located in Wrocław, Poland.
2. Orders can be placed by both: registered and non-registered users. Registration and using of the site are free of charge.
Registration is not mandatory. We will never ask any user to register a profile to unlock possibility of placing orders. However, registrated users can have some advantages:
– possibility of saving shipping address, so it won’t be necessary to fill the form with the next order;
– creation and saving of wishlists;
– better conditions when participating in “Discounts program” (check the details in appropriate section located in the top menu).
3. Registration.
If you want to register, please click “Register” button from the top menu and then follow the instructions.
PLEASE NOTE! After registering user will receive a message with an activation link. It needs to be clicked before first logging.
4. Password policy.
Thought it won’t be necessary to use the site, we strongly recommend to set the password as strong as possible. We also recommend considering changing at least once in a 3-months period.
5. Purchasing.
To purchase a product simply click “Add to cart” button. Then you can continue shopping or move to checkout (click “Checkout” button).
When clicking “Checkout” you will be directed to checkout site and asked to provide shipping address, choose form of delivery and payment method.
6. At any moment you can check items added to the cart, and check estimated shipping costs. To do it, you have to click a small „shopping bag” icon including number of added items.
Shipping costs are calculated automatically depending of the weigth of items added to the cart. However, at any moment you can also manually calculate them by clicking option „calculate shipping” located at the bottom of summary.
7. Removing items form the cart.
At any moment before confirming an order, unwanted items can be removed from the cart. To do it, you have to click „x” icon on your products’ list (located on the left side – before the product name).
When order is confirmed, any modifications can be made only by site’s administrator.
8. Shipping options and costs.
Shipping options depend on the country of delivery. We will not list them here – all can be checked after adding a product into the cart and viewing it.
Shipping costs depend on the total weight of ordered items + country of delivery. As the prices dynamically change, we will not list them here – you can easily check them the same way as shipping options.
9. Payments.
You can choose one of following payment options:
– bank transfer,
– credit cards;
– PayPal;
– Przelewy24.
Paying through other option than bank transfer may effect in adding additional costs to your order to cover commissions of payments’ providers.
ATTENTION! Choosing PayPal will demand effecting payment within 60 minutes since order confirmation – otherwise it will be automatically cancelled.
Customers from EU are encouraged to use European bank transfer (check for such option within your bank account). Such transfers are nowadays free of charge in many banks, so it will allow to save on additional costs (described above).
As we are mailorder, there is no possiblity to collect ordered items personally and paying for them in cash.

9.1. The only accepted currency in shop is PLN (polski zloty). Prices shown in euros have only informational value. Even, if you add items to the cart with chosen euro as a currency, during checkout all will be changed to PLN.
10. You are obliged to pay for your order within 14 days since placing it. If no payment is done during this time, the order will be cancelled.
Above mentioned statement does apply to traditional bank transfers only, as Stripe and PayPal will demand immediate payments.
11. Order status.
– Pending: order is created and waiting for the payment;
– Processed: order is paid and is being packed before shipping;
– Shipped: order is sent and link to tracking was sent to buyer;
– Delivered: order was successfully delivered to buyer.
Buyer will receive a separate notification, when order changes status to “Processed” or “Shipped”.
12. Complaints.
In case bought items have some defects that could not be noticed before ordering it, user can return it within 14 days since collecting the order. User is obliged to include the receipt or any proof of placing order in our shop (confirmation of a bank transfer etc.). User is also obliged to list all the defects. We will answer within 14 days since the items are returned.
13. Each customer has the right to return bought items within 14 days since collecting the order without giving any reason. The item has to be returned in the same condition, in which it was bought (if it was sealed, it must be returned sealed). All costs will be refunded then.
14. In case of complaint or returning the product there are two options possible: refund or exchange the product for a different one at the same price (then the shipping costs are covered by us).
15. Newsletter.
Anyone can sign up for a free newsletter. To do it, you have to click „Newsletter” button from the top menu and then provide a valid e-mail address, to which newsletters will be sent.
ATTENTION! To successfully sign up for a newsletter, user has to confirm registration by clicking in an activation link, which will be sent to an e-mail address provided by the user. If registration is not confirmed within 7 days, user’s request will be deleted by the site’s administrator.
At any moment user can resign from receiving newsletter. It can be done by clicking „Unsubscribe” option (at the bottom of each newsletter) or by sending an appropriate message via e-mail to site’s administrator.
16. By placing the order you confirm that you read and accepted above listed regulations.


1. By using Damned Pages shop website, you confirm, that you read and accepted the Privacy Policy listed below. If you don’t agree with one or more points from our Policy you are requested not to use our website.
We reserve the right to make changes in Privacy Policy to adjust it to the valid law regulations. Every user is obliged to comply to our Privacy Policy.
2. Collecting user data.

What data we will request from the user, and in what purpose?
You will be requested to provide your shipping data for proper processing of placed order. Providing incorrect, false data or not providing them at all may be the barrier in proper realization of the order. Range of needed data may differ depending on delivery form chosen by the user, for example:
– when choosing delivery with a public post, there’s no need to provide a phone number; the form will demand a one, but you can “bypass” it by typing randomly chosen set of nine digits, like 123456789;
– when choosing delivery to a parcel locker (provided by InPost within Poland), there’s no need to provide a shipping address; the form will demand a one, but you can “bypass” it by typing the address of chosen parcel locker;
– each time you have to provide a valid e-mail address to enable communication with us.

Will we share user’s data with third parties?
Users’ data are protected, and are not shared, neither sold to any third parties. We will only share them with delivering companies (public post, courier companies), which is necessary for proper realization of placed order.

Will shop contact a user? If yes, in what purpose?
Contact with user is reduced to necessary minimum, needed for proper realization of placed order. During realization process user will receive following automatically generated messages:
– confirmation of order with all data needed to effect the payment,
– information about changing the order’s status from pending to processed and then to shipped (when the payment is received)
– information about shipping the order with a link to tracking.
User may also receive a free newsletter, if is signed up to.
We may also contact user by sending a discount coupon, when user matches necessary conditions to receive it (check the “Discounts program” section from the top menu).
In other cases we will contact user only by direct demand.

Will shop call me informing me about new offers?
No. We will contact users only via e-mail. The only exception may be done, when a user raises a complaint, which demands neccessary action from us.

3. Every user has the right to view, edit or to request removal of his/her data from Damned Pages at any time (pursuant to the Polish Act on Personal Data Protection of 29 August 1997, Dz. U. 2016.922 t.j.).
4. Right to be forgotten.
Each user has a right to request removal all his/her data from our systems, including history of all placed orders. Such request has to be sent via email. After receiving such request, all user’s data will be removed within 72 hours (usually faster), and we will never contact user anymore, unless clearly demanded by the user.
5. Inactive users.
If a user doesn’t log into his/her account for 6 months, it will be considered as abandoned and then deleted (process is automated, and site administrator can’t stop it). We will not send any reminders, that the period comes to an end.